Feng Shui for Children

Feng shui is a boon for people who take it as the art of organizing and decorating things to increase positive energy flow, harmony, balance, fortune and other benefits in life. If you are a parent who is worried about their child’s future, career, nature, behavior etc; consider redecorating and rearranging your child’s bedroom to optimize his prospects then. But remember keeping a child’s room according to the principle of feng shui will be more difficult than organizing the rest of your house that way, but the benefits may outweigh the work.

Check the sleeping direction and conditions

Sleeping habits, conditions and directions greatly influence a person’s behavior according to feng shui. It is thought that if the child sleeps by pointing his head in any of the improper directions then it can affect the academics. Their relation with their siblings can also get affected in this case.

Feng Shui Remedy:  

Make sure there is no solid beam on the wall or any sort of beam of light falling on your child’s head while he’s resting on the bed. If in case it is, then immediately change the position of the bed such that the beam now doesn’t fall directly.

Ideally, the bed should have its headboard against a solid wall. Make sure there is room to walk around each side of the bed – don’t push one side up against the wall. Avoid placing the bed under a window or directly in line with the door.  Standing in the doorway, if you can toss a ball straight ahead and hit the bed, energy flowing into the room will also hit the bed and this is not good for the child.

Also, Avoid usage of water beds as it can affect your sleep. Such beds are not good from the feng shui’s point.

Education energizers

Child’s academic performance sometimes becomes the major point of concern for most of the parents. Parents also start shouting and yelling at them when they find their child dull and weak at their studies. But shouting and yelling will not solve the problem and can worsen the things. Implementing feng shui can prove to be a miracle. A proper feng shui remedy can surely increase your child’s academic grades.

Feng Shui Remedy

Place a Crystal Globe in the North East corner of your child’s bedroom or study room for the enhancement of his luck in academics. Place a notice board with red or a dark pink base on the east wall of your child’s room/study room and stick all the notes that are important for him to succeed in academics. Make sure each note on the notice board is efficiently clear and noticeable. You may make use of several colors and shapes of the notes for that matter.

Check the toilets and staircase

There are times when a wrong layout of the house can affect an individual’s life; the same can affect your child’s life greatly too. Be sure that your child’s bedroom doesn’t face a bathroom or a staircase else the negative energy can cause your child to be very disobedient, angry, low enthusiasm in his or her schoolwork.

Feng shui Remedy

See, if the bed can be re-positioned in a way that the child does not face the door of the bathroom while sleeping; as there is a tendency that he may invite health troubles in that case.

Hanging a five or seven bells wind chime outside the door would be a good option for removing the errors as it actually helps to fight against the negative energies. As soon as you correct the feng shui of your house, you’ll start noticing the change in your child’s life.

Check out carefully what the Child’s Eye Sees: 
Look at what your child sees every day.  A happy family photo visible from the child’s bed is comforting to see before they fall asleep and when they awaken.  It reminds them they are part of a happy family when they are alone in their room.  Avoid pictures or hangings of animals or horrifying masks etc. Get to know the meaning behind the images in your teenager’s room and keep the cool “negatives” to a minimum. 

Your child’s sleeping habits will let you know whether their room is comfortable. If you keep finding your child in bed with you, then their room is not working for them. Avoid using energizing colors like red and other bold, bright colors in the bedroom as they can cause tempers to flare during playtime and too much hyperactive energy for the little one to fall asleep at night. Bright colors are good for playrooms but bedrooms need to be more subdued. Pastels are best. 

Creating a comfortable, harmonious bedroom makes for a good night’s rest.  And a good night’s rest makes for a refreshed, healthy child.

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