Fashion Statement According to your Sun Sign

Everyone in today’s world want to become a style icon and so people try new things to look like their favourite stars of Bollywood and Hollywood. Now the amazing point is to think of creating the fashion statement without spending money from your pocket. It may be a bit surprising but yes your sun sign can help you create a fashion statement that everyone will adore. Style according to your sun sign and there you go as the trendsetter. The basic thing that must be followed in your fashion style is to wear something in which you feel comfortable. Have a look at your style statement according to your sun sign.

Aries: You look good in anything you wear. Whether you go for shopping in the last minute or you want to purchase a nice dress, you can blindly trust an Aries person in their choice. The same clothes that look awesome on an Aries person will not look that good on a non-Aries person. With an Aries person, two things go hand in hand and they are fashionable clothes and nice make up. Your stars that you follow are Lara Dutta and Victoria Beckham.

Taurus: People with this sun sign take some time to choose their outfit even if they are going for a normal walk around the road. They love to look the best among the crowd and so give a lot of time in choosing their clothes. Of course, expect a Bull to buy tasteful and exclusive clothes. A Taurean will look a well turned out person by some good planning of exclusive clothes. You don’t even look out for your money at the time of purchasing clothes. The stars you follow are Penelope Cruz and Megan Fox.

Gemini: You will always find a Gemini person getting confused among the selection between two options. That can be between light and dark, or between checks and plain. A Gemini will never get along with the initial thing that they try. They will discard a lot of clothes before choosing the final one to wear and the final one that they choose will be totally different from what they wanted to wear initially. But, expect the twins to always carry off whatever they wear with style. You will find a Gemini having a huge wardrobe collection. You follow the following stars: Sonam Kapoor and Angelina Jolie.

Cancer: You need to setup your mood on a good note before starting to dress up. You prefer to wear clothes according to your mood and that be a selection of blue or grey colour when sad, red when upbeat, and orange when hopeful. The Cancerian always knows what he/she is trying to show. Also, a Cancerian will always be found neatly dressed, if not in the most expensive of clothes. Different clothes are what they generally go for. Being casual is one of their trademarks. You follow Katrina Kaif and Tom Cruise in their style statement.

Leo: The Lions love to have solid colours that can be dark and deep and also the fabrics of which are unfazed. A Leo is not afraid to make a statement with his/her clothes although they are choosy about what kind of statement they make, and how. Sometimes it may happen with the Leo’s that whatever brand they are wearing, they will feel a bit tempted to tell someone they want to impress. The stars you follow are Genelia D’Souza and Saif Ali Khan.

Virgo: People will this sun sign are very conscious about their clothes and will repair them even before they get the first hint of a wear and tear. They will go ahead and mend their herms and also replace the buttons. This sign is very particular about cleanliness and makes sure their clothes are always colour coordinated. In the end they will always be well turned out. The stars you follow are Kareena Kapoor and Blake Lively.

Libra: You are a perfectly dressed person with no shortcomings from top to bottom. A Libra will never will too much or too little. They know their requirements and them in well proportion. A Libran is always prepared with what they have to wear. Also, this sign knows how to balance it all: not a shirt more not a dress less. You will follow recommendations from others only if they really suit you. A Libran creates a personal style which then becomes a style statement for others. You follow Kate Winslet and Monica Bellucci.

Scorpio: People will always notice a Scorpian and it does not matter what they are wearing. No one has the time to look at the clothes of a Scorpian when the Scorpian is himself too sexy to be handled. The Scorpio isn`t afraid of experiments and can turn old clothes into the most fashionable of all. The stars you follow are Aishwarya Rai and Demi Moore.

Sagittarius: People with this sun sign have got a lot other complicated things in their life to get out of other than the dressing. You will generally hang up with clothes that will then help you out in all types of weather conditions. No matter what they wear, they end up looking pretty hot. The stars you follow are John Abraham and Brad Pitt.      

Capricorn: Capricorns like natural fabrics. They hate synthetics and hence do not like to wear those but you do like to dress up in a practical way. They do not like everything with them but are a bit choosy among clothes. They choose something different from the crowd and hence end up looking an angel or a prince. They have a very nice taste and prefer to be traditional in their dressing style. The stars followed are Deepika Padukone and Salman Khan.

Aquarius: An Aquarian will wear a jeans rather than wearing something that is difficult to carry. They will always keep the dressing as simple as possible and believe in practicality. You will find an Aquarian dressed in whatever he/she likes the best, not necessarily what`s in fashion. They don’t want to be a trendsetter but just want to feel comfortable in what they wear. The stars followed are Jennifer Aniston and Preity Zinta.

Pisces: The Fish will never care about the latest fashion in the market and will go for clothes that are made up of natural fabrics and not the synthetic ones. They also like clothes with different` sort of cuts. You will wear clothes with good colour combination. In the end you will never find a Pisces will enough footwear. The stars followed are Aamir Khan and Drew Barrymore.

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