Dreams and their meanings

Dreams are perhaps one aspect of the human mind which are an integral part of all aspects of knowledge, but which still hold their mystery no matter which way we look at them. Regarded from a spiritual perspective they help us to understand the Divine, from the psychological perspective they enhance our understanding of ourselves and from a mundane point of view, they make sense of the world in which we live in.

Whether you are having an inception level adventures or dreaming insecurity about some of your priceless possessions – dreams say a lot about what’s currently happening in your life as well as what’s going on in your head.

Dream analysts majorly classify our dreams in FIVE types. Sit back, relax and try to connect to any of these types to identify a better sense of what might currently be happening in your subconscious.


A person spends an average of 60-90 minutes a day, day dreaming or fantasizing about something that is way beyond a normal perception. Between consciousness and the sleep state, there is some space that allows the imagination to wander. As the level of awareness tends to decrease, one may start losing their sense of self and would want to flow in those imaginations, building the castles of their own in that new world. But here, your consciousness will keep pulling you back to the reality.

Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams occur when one “wakes up” while dreaming. They can be positive or negative depending on the different life situations that you have been in to at that time but at times, may have absolutely no connect with your current situations. Such dreams also seem to occur when you feel yourself to be half awake. You may also experience everything that’s happening around you at home but would still wish to carry on in your dream to see more interesting things happening in that lucid state.


Nightmares often wakes up a person in a state of panic with their heart beating loud. Not allowing the people to get back to sleep again, everything they saw seems to be real and disturbing. It can be as simple as ‘forgetting the passport at home while you have to fly for an important meeting’ to as frightening as seeing the death of either self or some beloved. More than any other dream, the nightmares are quite disturbing and cannot be forgotten easily. It is a natural mechanism, which forces you to confront truth about how you are hiding from life. Once these fearful feelings are transformed into authentic power, the nightmare will not recur.

Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams are usually the story lines or themes that will show you in similar situations and will repeat over weeks, months or years. Since dreams suggest what you fail to acknowledge in daily life, whatever you are avoiding will continue to be the subject matter of your dreams, till it is resolved. Like Nightmares, once the puzzle is solved and the aspect is integrated into consciousness, the dream will not recur.

Life Changing Dreams

During periods of transformation, you will experience cosmic dreams which are rich in mythological associations. These dreams affect you so deeply that it pacifies your mind and soul and you remember them for years. In many ways, you would call them life changing.


Question1: I am unmarried and work in coal industry. I usually dream of wandering in the park with butterflies around me. I wonder why I get such dreams often when I don’t visit parks at all? – Harish, Jharkhand.

Answer: There are two schools of thought when it comes to seeing butterflies in your dreams. First, like you have mentioned you are single – you may long to have someone by your side and as a result may be searching for the right partner. Second, you may be an attractive icon and someone may be sending you hints to form a relationship with her. Either ways, butterflies are seen to be auspicious when it comes to relationships. If you are seeing this dream often, this may be a strong signal that you are on the verge of getting into a long term commitment/relationship.

Question2: I have read that it is not good to see yourself getting married in the dreams. Does it mean I am going to get into a big trouble? – Sushmita, Delhi

Answer: Not at all. If you are single, you are bound to get such dreams to get along with someone and tie a knot for lifetime. Marriage, means union or partnership – this partnership can signify any association on the social, financial, business or any other aspect related to you.

To dream that you are getting married mainly symbolizes change. The arrival of new events or people will push you to make changes in your routine. If in the dream you’re happy and excited, a wedding announces a positive change. You will reach any goal that you have attempted or something positive is about to occur for you.

If instead you are sad, this reflects that there is a situation that must be dealt with because you are generating frustration or anger. It is also a warning about someone in your environment that you might be hypocritical.

Question3: I have had a bad relationship in the past that keeps on haunting me in my dreams. I often dream of my ex-boyfriend pushing me to get married with him but recently I saw that while I am dressed as a bride I am getting married to some old man. This is really disturbing me; please help! – Madhu, Lucknow

Answer: Madhu, if you dream you are marring your ex, it means you’ve got to process your previous relationship and learn from it.  Some dream analysts say that if the groom is an older person this can be a sign of illness or a negative event to come. It can also be interpreted as a fear of aging without a partner or loneliness. So, stop worrying! Life should not stop with a single bad experience, you should move on and give yourself enough time and space so that you feel rejuvenated.

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