Dream Analysis

“The mind can open up to possibilities and potentials far beyond the waking consciousness. Meditation can often aid in this process of creative dreaming, whether we use it before sleep to open up to the creative self or use it after dreaming to gain a greater understanding.”

Question1: I often get this dream that there are bugs or lice in my hair sucking my blood and irritating me to no end such that I have gone mad scratching my head. What does it signify? – Jaya, Ahmedabad.

Answer:Your dream has two parts. One is lice sucking your blood which means that something is weighing on your head too much that you are confused about. The second part while you are scratching your head can be taken as a reference to concerns over your public image. Either ways, such dreams are an outcome of work related stress. “Patience & Perseverance” are the keys to solve problems in life.

Question2: I love my husband very much; last week I saw him having a car accident and it literally woke me up with tears. I am very worried about it, please help me. – Vinitha, Chennai

Answer: A speedy car can mean that may be you are driving too hard in life and need to hit the brakes and slow down. First of all stop worrying, such accident related dreams purely are because of some carelessness or recklessness in your waking life. If you know the cause – sort the issue at hand. Such dreams will disappear.

Question3: My wife is five months pregnant. I dreamt that her pregnancy was aborted. I cannot discuss such things with her as it will create unnecessary build stress but do I need to be careful about something? – Varun, Jaisalmer

Answer: Varun, relax! Such dreams are outcomes of anxiety. Dreaming of an abortion means you no longer want something in life. Since your wife is carrying a baby – your concern and attention will be all the more multiplied and it is bound to make you worried. But trust me, abortion does not mean that there is any danger to the new life that she is carrying. There is a positive aspect of this dream that you are looking at the new beginnings and new beginnings with more caution. Wait for the new baby with more love and enthusiasm.

Question4: We have a farmhouse and we usually encounter snakes. We prefer to not to kill them but call snake catchers and let them go. Yet, I see killing snakes every now and then in my dreams. Why do I get dreams of killing snakes, when I don’t do that in real life? – Manav, Delhi

Answer: Western dream analysts say that dreaming about killing a snake suggests that you have firmly seized an opportunity to increase profits or have kept a watchful eye on other’s successful operation; you will feel happy on defeating an enemy. Some of the Indian dream analysts also feel killing snakes (which are usually poisonous) may mean your victory over some pressing issue. Whenever you get this dream again, do offer some milk in any nearby Shivalinga.

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