Diagnosing some Common Life problems using the Five Elements

Many of us are unaware that we are made of the Five Elements in material, energetic, psychological and spiritual ways. The five elements are basically the five building blocks of feng shui. You can energetically balance the Five Elements within so that they work together as a unit. Instead of having five horses constantly pulling you in different directions simultaneously, your inner intentional “Wind Horses” would follow your will. They would lead you to your chosen goals and meaningful future dreams, magnetically and magnificently fulfilled.

People following feng shui always keep all the five elements together in a room. This helps to keep the room feeling comfortable, harmonious and balanced – and thus making you more productive, effective, and successful. Don’t forget to look at all the important rooms, such as your living room, bedroom, and office to make sure your surroundings are in good feng shui shape. Here are a few points about the five elements:

  • Water Element. Water is conceived as the liquid state. This is a primary Element, as in Chinese Feng Shui, of the flowing, pooling yin Water formation, stabilized by electromagnetic hydrogen and oxygen bonds, and grounded and pooling through gravity. This element is related to business and career. If the water element is placed correctly then it can make your path smooth and can also help you climb up the ladder of success. It makes you feel refreshed and inspired. The element should not in excess amount as it is a symbol of depression and isolation. You can also add water figures around you if it is not possible for you to use water around you.
  • Wood Element. This element relates to growth and advancement. It is also related to your family and other relationships. The element wood when correctly placed will keep your family in a happy mood and will also keep your health in a good state. Wood in excess amount can cause many arguments among the people. You might feel stuck when there is lack of wood. Instead of using wood, you can also use brown and green colours to add the energy of wood. Bonsai trees are a good symbol of wood that can be used as a decoration symbol also.
  • Fire Element. This element is not naturally present in the earth and hence has to be created. It spreads rapidly and also have a rapid affect. It represents friends, happiness, and success. Too much fire around your environment can create anger in the surrounding. Little amount of it creates lack of ambition and happiness. It is symbolized by the use of candles.  You can also use red colour to symbolize fire element. Play very carefully with this element.
  • Earth Element. It is an element that can cause stability. The lack of this element can cause lack of focus. It is represented with a square space. This element makes relationships stronger. Too much of this element can make your house ineffectual. The colours associated with it are yellow and golden. You can use some metal objects in your surroundings to reduce the earth element.
  • Metal Element. It is an element of creativity that includes wealth also. As a symbol of this element you can also use Chinese coins and wind chimes. Too much of this element can cause sudden unexpected movements while too little of it can cause dullness in the surrounding. You can activate this element by using the colours gold, silver, and grey.

Now when you have good knowledge about these elements, try to use them in your life to achieve success on all fronts.

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