Crystal Tortoise

Tortoise is one such celestial creature which is having wide importance in vastu shastra as well as in Feng Shui. When we take a glimpse of the puranas we will get to learn that Lord Vishnu took the Avatar of Tortoise to hold the earth on its back during Samudra Manthan. It is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu and popular in the name of Kurma avatar.

Crystal Tortoise is a symbol of longevity, steadiness, stability, good fortune, protection and support. Feng Shui crystal tortoise possesses the power to attract the energy right from ground.

Clear crystal quartz tortoise acts as a support to children having problems associated sleepless night. Crystal feng shui will make sure that a native never be lacked behind in life and get its ultimate support. It also acts as Chi enhancers.

Placement of turtle crystal:

  • Turtle crystal should be either placed in South West or North West
  • The tortoise  should be placed facing towards the East Direction for good health and longevity
  • We can place Crystal Tortoise facing main entrance for ensuring long and happy life. Also blesses native for safe journey and prevention from any injuries and accidents.
  • Crystal turtle can be placed in the aquariums for tapping good fortune.
  • It can also be placed at floor levels
  • Place the tortoise on the work desk or even at the back of the desk. This will help in getting promotions fast.
  • To activate career front place the figurine in North sector of the room


Do try to keep your crystal turtle clean and shiny. Do not let any dust accumulate on it.

  • It should not be placed in Kitchen or tortoise as this will reduce its good effects on the family.

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