Cooking Styles According to your Sun Signs

Cooking is meant to be fun for the most but there are some a person for whom, cooking is a disaster. Let’s see what your sun signs say about your cooking style. Are you a cook that people never forget or are you a disaster in the kitchen.

Aries: People with this sun sign love to experiment in the food they make. These experiments often bring a new fabulous dish from the kitchen, which most people like. In your experiments, you like to mix different ingredients in your dish so as to give it a unique touch. You are full of spice and also add them to your food and this can be reflected from your dishes.

Taurus: Good food is a part of life for the people with this sun sign. They love to eat all the time and not only eat anything, but eat good quality food. Taurus people love to have herbs and aromas in their food. You don’t cook with only the ingredients already present in your kitchen but you gather all the necessary ingredients from the market and then prepare something amazing. Most of the times what you cook, is delicious.

Gemini: People with this sun sign like to prepare and eat dishes that are a bit aromatic and also do not have a strong taste. Whenever you expect guests at your place, you prepare a large menu of dishes for them that sometimes tend to be extravagant. But your guests surely like all the food prepared by you.

Cancer: Food for these people has become a passion and these people love to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. You do not only cook for yourself. But you have a desire to impress all your loved ones with the dishes prepared by you. The dishes that you prepare are not tempting visually but also taste very well.

Leo: People with Leo as their sun sign believe in elegance. So it doesn’t matter how well you prepare your food or if it even tastes good, but you will present it in such a way that even an unknown person will praise it after looking at it. Exotic dishes are the type meant for you and whenever you are asked to prepare such kind of dishes for you, you are absolutely fabulous at it.

Virgo: People of this sun sign are simple and so believe in simplicity. For them, what matters is the taste of the food and not only the outdoor decoration. You like to eat food that is prepared at home and not anywhere else. While cooking also, you try to use the maximum amount of fresh herbs in your food.

Libra: You are definitely passionate about cooking and very well like to prepare vast family style dishes. You do not like to eat or cook food with overwhelming flavour but subtle spices sound to be excellent for you. You love to prepare Chinese dishes as this type also matches with your personality.

Scorpio: Nutrition is the word that comes to your mind when you talk about food. You love to prepare nutritious food and also prefer the same while eating. You like to have unique flavours in your food that are a bit unusual from everyday life. Exotic drinks attract you very quickly. You love spices but still wouldn’t like to include much of them in your everyday life.

Sagittarius: You are a lot enthusiastic about cooking. You cook very ordinary on regular days but on special occasions, you try to experiment on your dishes. Your cooking idea reflects a western as well as an eastern style.

Capricorn: You love to prepare sensible meals for your family and relatives. You are a type of cook that loves to prepare food and present it in front of others. You prepare food safely without experimenting anything new. This does not mean that you do not prepare well but whatever you prepare is up to perfection.

Aquarius: People with this sun sign love to prepare something different. Food that is a bit uncommon from the daily food is what suites to your personality. Most of the people might not go for strange flavours in the food but you are the one who looks for such flavours. You love to prepare and present food to the guests coming to your house.

Pisces: Your cooking style entirely depends upon your mood and the conditions around you. When you are in good mood, you go to your kitchen to prepare something different but with your original ideas. Seafood is the type of food that suits you the best.

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