Chinese Running Horses

In Feng Shui, horses symbolize YANG Energy, patience, fame and achievement that is why these horses are also known as Yang Horses of successChinese Running Horses always represent as charging forward or moving ahead. If you are facing very rigid competitive circumstances, placing a Running Horses Feng Shuisculpture is the best way to bring you victory and fortune, as horse represent victory, power and determination. Running Horses also symbolize respect, patience, pace and peace.

Put these horses by your side and at a high location. In office, do not ever place this horse facing directly behind you or directly in front of you.

Where to place 

  • Place Three Running Feng Shui Horses for Victory in the South sector of your house.
  • You can place three runningFeng Shui Horses for Victory in main areas of the home, such as the living room or main hall.
  • Place this Three Running Horses for Victory in your workplace if you wish to succeed over those who run against you. This is particularly useful to those in very competitive careers.
  • Display Three Running Horses for Victory on your desk. This will improve your luck in wealth and good fortune.
  • Never place Three Running Horses for Victory in your bedroom.


  • This Three Running Horses for Victory statue helps you grow your business into global business.
  • Three Running Horses for Victory brings success and power to you.
  • Three Running Horses for Victory give you fame in your life.
  • Three Running Horses for Victory provides you confidence to accomplish your goals in your life.
  • Three Running Horses for Victory
  • Attract a lot of positive energy.


Do not install these horses in your toilet/bathroom and kitchen.

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