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Question: What Feng Shui tips can help me attract career success?
Ans: Feng Shui has the wider area than anybody can think of. They undoubtedly can be considered as the potions that can induce breathe to the breathless. The graph of career can easily be turn around by them and make it reach to newer heights. The delay is from your side till the time you get to know their real sense.

One thing you must take care of is that either at home or at office or at both the places the symbols should complement each other. Before divulging into the mainstream you must do some home work by reading about the importance of Feng Shui in the office or in the home.       

Two main mile stones :

  1. How does the overall energy of success feel and look to you? The question has lot of depth in it and you must be crystal clear with regard to this. It simply means you should know in advance what kind of success you want and to what level or intensity. Greediness has no answer not even in the holy books. Merely depending upon these symbols to satiate your unending desires is making fool of yourself. So you should be fair, transparent and honest towards your life and towards these symbols. Do not forge out an extra bit of pride which does not belong to you. As it is rightly said you will get what you deserve not what you want.
  2. How does the specific energy of career success in your field look like? This question is very important as it symbolises what kind of area you are looking for the success. As you cannot create sound without adjoining both the hands with force in the same way simply depending on these typifies is not good. You should also make hard effort for the same to attain. Like for example if you dreamt of becoming a sports person than you should paste the posters of some legends inside your room which will boost you up at every point of time in your life.

After grilling both the above aspects now you can choose any of the below mentioned remedies according to your suitability:    

  • Feng Shui your North, South and Northwest bagua areas: Directions and Feng Shui symbols are closely related to each other. Specific directions have specific areas to influence. Like North affects your career, south your personality and northwest affects social circle. So you must pay special heeds while placing symbols in these directions.
  • Position your desk and bed in the recommended orientation: Trust it the things which you ought to feel or see on daily basis too have significant effects in defining your career. These also have the powers to transcend your life attributes. But after following the protocol you should also focus on the prowess people of that domain.
  • Apply Feng Shui office tips and always keep the energy fresh: Feng Shui says you should not live in the past but in the present only. In the same way the things inside the office should not be too ancient but belong to the latest fashion that will automatically energizes you. Unnecessary items should not be located anywhere in the confined place. Traditional item that are allowed in the office are the Feng Shui symbols only. The space clearing functions of the Feng Shui will turn out to be boon for you if followed with utmost care and caution.  

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