Bring Luck in Exams with Feng Shui

We all are having certain skills in us and the day we realize our potential, we then tap this inner potential towards a successful life. With exams round the corner, these days the examination fever has gripped students and giving sleepless nights to both students and parents. Everybody – the parents, the students, the teachers and the schools are putting their best efforts in the last battle. Parents of everyone want their child to excel in studies and the students also want to do exceptionally well so that they can lay down a good foundation to their future Feng shui principles offers some very tested and useful help for studies to say good bye to examination fever.

Everyone has got a left brain and a right brain. Both of them work cooperatively side by side. Each side of the brain handles different activities and performs various functions. According to a research, people who are good at thinking process are more inclined towards the left part of the brain while emotional people are inclined towards the left part.

Here are some of the tips which you can implement and get stress free examinations:

Look at your child’s sleeping and sitting directions especially during exams. According to feng shui, every person has got four directions that are considered good for them out of total eight directions. These good directions are based on the kua number of every person. While sleeping your child can place his hand in any of these four directions and while studying it is good to sit while facing in any of these good directions. These directions when implemented correctly can do wonders to your child’s success. These directions also activate your child’s health as well as study luck and enhance the chances of success.

The arrangement of the study room also matters a lot. Try not to place the study table either adjacent or in front of a window or a door behind the chair. While sitting your child should sit with a solid wall at the back if possible. There should be ample of free space in front of your desk also. Look for poison arrows in the room i.e. sharp edges of cupboards, pillars, shelves etc. These sharp edges must not point at the study place or sleeping area of the child. Do remember to cover your book shelves as open shelves in your home can create negative energy. There should not be any exposed beams above the study area.

Check the Northeast direction. The northeast direction is considered to be the direction of knowledge and hence make sure that this direction is not affected by a toilet or a store. According to feng shui you can even place some glass crystals in the northeast direction of your study room feng shui also suggests a seven –tier pagoda to be placed on a crimson cloth and placed in the northeast direction of your room.

Tips to enhance productivity while studying for exams:

  1. Students should always try and face the East or North while studying as it helps in quicker learning and improve memory, concentration as well as boosts their focus.
  2. Placing images of Lord Ganesha and Maa Saraswati in the study room adds on to the positivity in the study room.
  3. Place a picture that is symbolic of water behind the chair where the child sits for studying; it helps in increasing the flow of creative energy.
  4. Make sure that there are no mirror reflections in the study room as it may have an effect of doubling their work load.
  5. Place a quartz crystal rock in the south west corner of the study room. This helps to further energize the Earth element, extract the negative energies of the environment and also enhance the positive energy in the study area.
  6. Placing an amethyst crystal on the study table helps the child to concentrate better. This crystal is of violet shades. Deeper shades of violet are suppose to be really good and effective.

Implementing these feng shui techniques is absolutely perfect but the parents also have a major role to play in it. The parents should make the student feel relaxed. They should avoid anger, vibes and negative emotions from them as they make the student feel depressed.

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