Break bad habits by using Fengshuii

The usage of Feng Shui finds application in many aspects of our life; such as improving relationships, productivity, and creativity and even for the optimal comfort of your pets. Even for breaking away from bad habits Feng Shui can be resorted to.

In cases of quitting smoking, according to Feng Shui one needs to fortify one’s bedroom with aromatherapy that will expand your breathing and encourage your interest in healing with scent. Eucalyptus and pine are the scents that strongly support the health of the lungs. Along with use of aromatherapy one can also resort to meditating, exercising and singing. For curbing your drinking issues Feng Shui states that alcohol consumption is often closely associated with family relationship patterns so painting the family room with a peaceful colour such as green or blue and placing a chime in this area and ringing it occasionally will energise the chi in surroundings. Working with crystals, taking baths, creating daily rituals to follow and painting are some of the activities one can get involved in in order to do away with the bad habit of drinking.

In relation to quitting drugs it is to be taken into consideration that substance abuse is associated with the element of fire, which corresponds to your fame area. Clearing the walls of your fame area is the first step that needs to be taken but following it up by placing a simple image of powerful art, red in colour is a must. Other healthy alternative activities include drumming, dancing, pursuing yang sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding. Lastly, cleaning your north east portion of the house which is the health area and removing any advertisement of food, loud synthetic or plastic colours helps in developing healthy eating habits. Fortifying the area with hints of green and natural elements of simplicity, such as a plant also helps in developing healthy eating habits. Alternate activities such as gardening, practicing yoga, weight lifting, knitting and walking also aid in developing healthy eating habits.

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