Boost Your Energy with Feng Shui!!

Everyone likes to have a flowing energy throughout the day. How would you like to accomplish everything you want and feel great? The daily stress bog many of us down. Though we all wish to start our day with 100% energy level but unfortunately not many of us have a relaxed bedroom that lets you completely relax. Feng shui can help you here in creating a positive environment at your bedroom so that when you get up in the morning you are fully charged and willing to work with your full energy.

Here are some simple tips to boost your energy every day. Shall we start?

Do the tasks that you love as passion and enthusiasm increase your energy. It is best to choose a profession or a job that you love to do. Your work should be one that utilizes your natural talents and interests so that you are happy to do it and you get a satisfaction after completing your job.

A major part of your emotional energy is wasted up simply due to worrying about your future. When you start your day you can easily utilize fifty percent of your total available energy. Your 5-7% of energy is gone during the daily morning activities. Then the next 15% energy is gone while you run out to the garage to drive through the car. Similarly you easily spend a major part of your energy in all such activities.

Focusing on your home feng shui to help you boost your energy levels is always a good idea. You might not have the energy to start clearing clutter or do major furniture rearranging, but you might still employ some easy feng shui solutions to help you out. Some of the feng shui remedies that can be followed by you are as follows:

  • Thoroughly cleanse your kitchen and let go of any unhealthy foods.
  • Bring fresh herbs like basil, rosemary or mint (Wood feng shui element), ideally in clay pots (Earth feng shui element) and find a good place for them in your kitchen.
  • Always have fresh water in site. A good idea is to place a row of spring water bottles (Water feng shui element) that you replenish as necessary.
  • Have 9 oranges (Fire feng shui element) in a round metal bowl (Metal feng shui element.) Replenish them, too, as needed.
  • Be sure to aerate your kitchen often and let natural light in.

Feng shui really helps you to strengthen your energy level. As your energy is being consumed in all the three areas namely at your home, workplace and in your bedroom as well, you need to apply feng shui in all these three areas.

After applying feng shui you will really be able to utilize the energy successfully in positive ways leading to a happy family and successful business. You need to start improving your immediate environment and gradually you will experience an increase in your energy level in your entire life.

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