Anger Management with Fengshui

While Anger is a completely normal human emotion but when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to serious issues which have the ability to impact your personal relationships and in the overall quality of your life. Anger can be termed as poison for it has the power to destroy lifelong friendships, relationships and families. Some people are even born with a great deal of repressed anger and have no idea how to handle it.

Moreover, FengShui principles apply to all relationships. One can clear negative energy and augment the positive with all your loved ones. Spreading negative energy in relationships invites depression in those with whom you interact, triggers annoyance at you and increases the odds that people will want to keep distance from you. One way on managing your anger is to focus sufficiently on the tone of your voice. Anxiety is another emotional spoiler. Criticism is a sure way to spread negative energy to others. Offering feedback about your reactions and neutral information about the nature of a problem are fine. Criticism though, especially when it is spoken with an irritated tone of voice spreads negative energy thereby resulting in irritation and anger.

In short, to improve your relationships by using FengShui one can also resort to clearing the clutter by being wary of the little words that you use that have the ability to turn into big messes. Also, giving each other air and light via plenty of space and the positive energy you emanate.

One powerful antidote to anger is the purification practice of making a water bowl and offering the sane to Budhha or any other holy being. For making such an offering one needs 7 medium sized bowls made up of either crystal or porcelain or metal. The bowls should be wiped clean every morning and cleansed with incense smoke.Moreover the seven bowls should be arranged next to each other in a straight row carefully on your altar without spilling any water and most importantly they should not touch each other but be very close to each other.Fill the bowls to the brim without spilling with saffron yellow water and as you fill them say “OM AH HUM”.

Later in the evening empty the water from the bowls into another container and make some tea from this offering water. The same ritual is to be followed everyday as this is a powerful practice to purify negative karma and overcome anger especially if one does this every day.

Another excellent way to dissolve tension and anger is to place six round crystal balls on the coffee table in your living room or in your family room. This is effective in the centre, southwest and northwest corners. The smoothness of the six crystals infers smoothness in your relationships. The number six signifies heaven and the crystals represent a union of heaven and earth.

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