Mystic Knot

Mystic Knot is also known as Love knot, lucky knot or infinity knot. Mystic knot is the most popular feng shui symbol in Buddhism. It symbolizes long and happy life of good fortune. It is believed that mystic knot brings lot of good things in your life.  It is one of the eight lucky signs…


Your Favorite Colour

Professionals have always been concerned with how our favourite colours influence our personalities. Colours have always been associated with a certain personality type and therefore when somebody decides to change his/her use of a respective colour, it is a sign that they want to be seen or show them differently. Here are some of the…



Yantra is basically a magic chart which has embedded energetic signatures within the complex display of visual patterns. These energetic signatures need to be cleansed and programmed to the purpose and to the person whom the benefits should go to. Once a Yantra is activated, it remains live until the positive intentions contained within the…


What Kind of a Lover are you?

Every person has a different way in which they like to love their partner. Here are some of the ways according to your sun sign. Aries: When the Aries people fall in love, they like to wear a pair of rose-tinted glasses so that the world then seems to be a magical place for them….