10 Tips for a kitchen makeover

10 Tips for a Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen is considered to be the heart of home and so to create a welcome home that looks great, it’s necessary to makeover your kitchen nicely. Sometimes the need to replace an appliance can lead to the urge to do a makeover on your kitchen. Some people get inspired by visiting other peoples’ homes. Others see a picture in a book or on a website and wish that they had kitchens that looked that nice. Still others simply get bored with their current look and decide that the entire room needs an overhaul.

There’s not enough counter top area for you to prepare and serve meals so things get piled on top of each other to create the necessary space; or you may just need to open up the space that’s already there because it feels tight and cramped to work in your kitchen. The kitchen definitely needs to be appetizing.

Below are some of the top tips as per Feng Shui for making a perfect kitchen.

  1. Cleanliness is the best and so is in the kitchen also. So clean out everything from inside and also from out. It may include the drawers, cabinets, appliances, paper, or scrubs. Keep a check on all the items and clean them all. Cleaning from inside needs more input from your side as you need to take out everything from the cabinets and then clean it.
  2. Also keep a check on the items placed in your kitchen, frequency of their use. When you remove things from the cabinet, notice the frequency of the usage of the items and the likelihood of using it. The items that are seldom used should be kept in less quantity and in deep storages so that the quality does not get hampered.
  3. Remove everything from the countertops and clean the counters properly. Before placing the items back to their places, ask yourself the need of that item in near future. For example, how often do you toast bread? Could you store the toaster under the counter, bringing it out on the rare occasions when you use it?
  4. Put like things together so that it gets easy while you are searching something. Put doubles into a separate place so they don’t block your path when you’re searching for those elusive caraway seeds!
  5. Store items in the shelves so as to utilize the space properly. Adjust the shelves according to your needs and place the similar items together. Generally tall items must be kept at the back while the shorter ones in the front. Items like tray racks, utensil holders and stacking shelves don’t cost much, but they can change your life. So organize and place them as per your need only.
  6. Make sure whatever is kept in your kitchen is in working condition. If something is not working or is broken, fix it up as soon as possible or replace it and get a new one. Sharpen the knives also as they can assist you while cutting vegetables. In Feng Shui this is a crucial step – things that are well-cared-for signify your intention to take the very best care of yourself, too!
  7. Papers to be used must be kept at a separate place. Countertops should remain clean as they are used mainly for food preparation. If you have gathered lots of papers in your kitchen then keep them outside. Its your kitchen after all and not your office. Papers can create confusion for you in the kitchen.
  8. Kitchen is incomplete without a stove and is also considered as a powerful symbol of wealth. It is the heart of the kitchen and thus it is important to keep it in a perfectly working as well as in a hygienically clean condition. So use them all to bring more healthy energy into your home.
  9. Mirrors can also be used in your kitchen as they can help you increase your wealth. The burners on your stove symbolize wealth coming into your home. You can multiply this by simply placing a mirror behind the stove so that it reflects the burners.

In feng shui, it is believed, that the more your kitchen is clean, welcoming and warm, the more well rounded and healthy you are. So follow these steps and plan a perfect makeover for your kitchen and bring more luck your way.

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