What Your Birthday Says about you

April 11



Date                       11-Apr

Ruled planet         Moon

Ruled by no          2

Traits in you          Your ruler, the Moon makes you a very friendly individual. You are simple, confident, realistic, sincere, and optimistic. You are very innovative and try to perform your work in a different and efficient way. You need to work hard on your characteristics of being jealous and insensitive at times.

Health this year    Your health will remain fine. However, you may suffer from various minor diseases say cough, cold, body pain, loss of sleep and so on. To enjoy a very healthy life, you need to get a good control on your diet. You have to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes to avoid any organ dysfunction.

Finance this year  Your past investments may yield a lot of money for you this year. You need to be extra cautions while investing huge amounts as it is a bit risky to put money on unpredictable things. Overall, you will enjoy a strong financial condition.

Career this year    You will be successful professionally this year. You will be additional responsibility and you will well execute them to perfection. Your success may get you various awards and rewards as well. You may share your ideas with the higher management as it would help you grow quickly.

Romance this year   If you are yet to be in a relationship, this year is the ideal time to find a partner. You will get ample support from your spouse in any critical decision you have to take. You should show your love to your partner as it strengthens your relationship.

Lucky month         April, June, November and February


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