What Your Birthday Says about you

August 15

August 15

Eclipsed by planet Venus and number 6, you are a good orator as you can convey things to people in an appropriate manner. Lots of people will knock on your door for help. Profession needs you to put your best foot forward. You should imbibe all the alteration that comes to your life which shows your adaptability. Just follow your doctor’s prescription, soon will be able to free from all your prolong illness. Obesity is the last thing anybody wants in their life, you have it so time needs extra care from your front. Love will find your way itself. Clashes of ego, love and disguise everything might be there for you from your family front, be careful. You must pay focus on the dictum "Diligence is the mother of good fortune”. End of dark season and success will comes to you to kindle your career path. Goddess Luxmi will follow you wherever you go. You will set standards for others. Now your market value starts increasing, but have patience the growing pace would be slow. Winters will be beneficial for you as November and December.


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