What Your Birthday Says about you

April 07



Date                       7-Apr

Ruled planet         Neptune

Ruled by no          7

Traits in you          By nature you are sober, courteous, unique, honest and courageous as you are ruled by the powerful planet Neptune. Your charming nature attracts people towards you. You love to face challenges and you fight them pretty well by executing perfection. You need to check for your impatience, rudeness, and frequent mood swings.

Health this year    You may suffer some minor injuries due to vehicle accidents. However, it will not be critical. You may go through minor health issues during the initial months of the year. Moreover, you will enjoy a sound health throughout the year with proper medical checkups and medications.

Finance this year  Your financial conditions will be very stagnant this year. As you will not earn much or spend much, you will lead a peaceful life in money matters. You may invest for future. Do not lend or borrow money from your friends or colleagues.

Career this year    This year you will reach to the peak of your professional career and it will offer you huge financial benefits. This year will be pretty rewarding for female employees. You may get a better performance appraisal as well as salary hike as compared to your expectations.

Romance this year   The emotional attachment with your spouse or partner may blossom this year with lot of love, care, and concern. If you are not married, then you may go for a romantic relationship. You will enjoy a very blissful time with your beloved.

Lucky month         June, August, October and March

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