Basics of Tarot

Basics of Tarot


Tarot is a deviation tool that not only shows the current situation of the person concerned but also gives an idea of what steps should be taken. This clarity is obtained through the Pictorial presentation of the cards. Once the cards are held in the hands and are concentrated upon, the answers appear automatically in the cards. 
Through this book one can quickly and easily learn the meanings of the cards along with a few spreads that would help in day to day readings. The Tarot Cards are 56 in number and for ease are divided into 4 suits namely-Wands, Cups, Swords and Coins. Seems tough ? Do not worry! For making it simple, a grid between numerology and the archetypes of the four suits has been provided which would help a novice to easily remember the meanings. Thus, instead of 56 cards only 18 cards have to be understood. The tricks and shortcuts further simplify the cards and make it easy to memorize them. 
The main aim of writing this book is to equip one with a reference book to guide those interested in learning this mystical science. Easy key words have been given to memorize the cards, and short descriptions provided for reference. 

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