Feng Shui Ideas for Valentine's Day

Feng Shui Ideas for Valentine's Day

Feng Shui Ideas for Valentine's Day

It's not just about this special day but it is about your complete life. Those of you who are singles are think their love life isn't functioning that great need to give special attention on this day because your love journey might start on this day. It's all about lasting your relation long after this Valentine's Day passes by. You must plan for some gifts for your partner and you might even get some expected or unexpected gifts from your partner. These small things strengthen your relation to quite a deep extent. 

Valentine's Day is a day to express your love for your partner and moreover an opportunity for each one to share an experience of togetherness that can create lifetime memories for both of you which you can enjoy beyond this day also. Several Feng Shui positive energy gift suggestions follow to help you make Valentine's memories that live well past an otherwise busy day.

The Feng Shui approach

You need to increase the energy content of the gift you are giving to your partner by giving them something that can bring joy in their life. It can include:

  • A small and lovely water fountain (may be a decoration item in workable condition) that provides you with peaceful sounds of water trickling from here and there. It reduces your stress while focusing energy on your Valentine's career or spiritual journey.
  • An indoor wind chime that gives romantic melodic sounds will help in the flow of positive energy throughout your home.Some music CD's give positive energy. Music can give inspiration to you and can also give you success messages.

If you are looking out for a traditional Valentine gift for your partner give them something that they would love to receive. Traditional gifts should include something that could last for lifetime and they can include things like:

  • You can gift a pair of indoor plants or rose sticks as they symbolize a love relation. On the same side make sure your valentine loves those plants or roses else you can be in a difficult situation.
  • Purchase season tickets for the two of you to attend together, a favorite sporting event, a theater or concert series - or a gift pack of movie tickets.
  • If your valentine is among one of the chocolate lovers then you can gift them dozen of their favorite chocolates. Chocolates with cream filled inside would be a better option if you can go for.
  • The best gift which anyone could gift would be to focus on positive energy throughout the year on your relationship with your valentine. 

You must properly take care of your relationship area in your bedroom at around southeast direction. You can even place following items there which include:

  • Flowers of equal size.
  • Pair of turtledoves or mandarins side by side leaning or looking toward each other.
  • Two giraffes with their necks intertwined.
  • Two hearts together or the picture or any image with number 2.

Still Looking for a Valentine

If you are still looking for your partner then you need to energize the east area of your bedroom with a beautiful green plant. A silk plant will also be a great option. The energy of the plant symbolizes birth to a new relation or growth in an existing one.

If you can't gift anyone else then gift something to yourself as at present you are the only love for yourself. Valentine's Day is all about recognizing respect, fondness and a commitment to another. It doesn't matter if you plan for a great dinner for two at any place, have a picnic or attend a party. What really matters is the celebration of your love by giving your relation the respect it demands and the commitment for it.

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