Feng Shui for a great sex life

Feng Shui for a great sex life

Feng Shui for a great sex life

For a great sex life, the atmosphere of your bedroom can make all the difference. As soon as you become aware of this fact, a lot of things will be known to you automatically. Feng shui can greatly help you by letting you know some of the principles that can increase the heat between the two of you. In good feng shui, every item in your bedroom is kept at proper place that reflects your intent of love. Your bedroom should increase the flow of sensual energy. Whenever you are in your bedroom, it should be fun out there whether you are there for a short nap or for making love. Right environment of your bedroom and the position of your furniture can do the trick.

To follow a good feng shui at your home, you need to ensure some of the following points:

  • Try to keep the air fresh either by using an air-purifier or by keeping the windows open. Good feng shui is difficult to attain unless you purify the air in which you breathe. Plants are not considered good in a bedroom and if you place them then make sure they are placed at a suitable distance from your bed and that your room is also big enough.
  • The lighting in your bedroom can be of several levels. Apart from normal table lamps and bulbs, some aromatic candles can do the magic to increase the content and passion of love. Also avoid keeping any kind of electronic item in your bedroom like TV or a computer; especially those official laptops should be completely kept away from your bed room. Feng shui in your bedroom is destroyed by keeping electronic items and hence avoid keeping them. Do remove all the clutter from your bedroom as it increases the positive energy of your surroundings. For those who have had a few not so good relationships in the past - if there is anything that reminds you of your past relationship, then remove it as soon as possible. Go out and shop for some new things like bedsheets, accessories for your bedroom, etc.
  • You can place some good symbols of pleasure like magazines, lubricants, lingerie’s, etc in your relationship area. Red is the color of love and passion and hence try using it as much as you can in your bedroom especially in the relationship area. Silk bed sheets should be used as they increase your passion and desire for sex. You can also place a pair of orchids close to your bed , till they don’t die out, as they act as aphrodisiac.
  • Warm colors open the heart and activate emotional connection. That's why it's best if colors such as red, rust, orange, pink, terra cotta, brown, yellow, or gold predominate in your bedding choices. If you're a big fan of pure white sheets, at least add touches of warmth in the accessories. Bedrooms are for intimacy and romance, thus keep all your work stuff away from you. Items that remind you of work can be distracting and subtly yet powerfully detrimental to the desired mood.
  • The images of your room greatly affect your mood at the time of sex. Look for some of the paintings that you want to occur in your life. Don’t even try to put a lonely or sad image on your bedroom wall. It is a good idea to have images of pairs of in the bedroom. Pair of things is anyways a good thing to be kept in the relationship or marriage corner as it brings more togetherness- painting of a couple in love or a photograph of you and your beloved, two pillows of the same kind and so forth. Just do what feels right to you. Candles are also another great idea to have as they act great for romance; that is the reason they are undoubtedly used for a romantic dinner- a candlelit dinner as they say. Placing a pair of crystal swans or mandarin ducks or a pair of anything in this section will also activate love or romance. 
  • Mirrors should never be placed in the bedroom by the side of the bed, at the foot of the bed or over the bed. Having a mirror reflecting the bed is a sure indicator of problems between couples. In case, there is no way out to pull the mirror out of the room, make sure it is always covered while not in use.
  • In the night, shut the doors of your bedroom tight. This will allow for the nourishing flow of energy in your bedroom.  Use these fengshui techniques to energize the passion quotient and fondness for each other!

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