Feng Shui and Romance

Feng Shui and Romance

Feng Shui and Romance

Life is all about relationship and feng shui helps in enhancing the romantic element in one's life. It supports individuals to realize respective desires and finding mates for each one. So to improve one's love life it is required to trace the love spots or corners in one's own home. Through feng shui remedies one can stimulate these spots and can intensify one's love and romantic chances. The remedies balance the yin and yang harmony. This harmony or balancing is required, as a male may not be comfortable in a surrounding that is excessively feminine. Similarly, a female might not be able to endure a conspicuous bachelor's den.

In feng shui 'Bagua', an energy map is used to divide an area into eight (Ba) segments (gua) each of which corresponds to a distinct aspect of life. Likewise according to Chinese tradition love and marriage is ruled by 'Kungua' that is the southwest corner of a home or each bedroom. The conventional belief is that disorder in life, gets one stuck to old energies. So releasing old energies opens avenues for adventure and romance. In here comes the use of feng shui tips, which help in making the love and romantic life more superior. There are many such tips among which the most common ones are:

  • Rooms Location:One's personal bedroom should be in the southwest corner or in the right-rear area of the home. If it is in the southwest corner then it is said to be very strong in power spots related to romance for the individual. Moreover, if the southwest corner and the right-hand side area (from the door) overlaps then too, the occupant has a strong flow of feng shui energies, which enhance the romantic quotient. If these two areas do not overlap then one needs to look for the brighter and tidier of the two. Any feng shui items, like a romantic figurine or photograph or personal mementos can be used to improve one's love life. The best color for bedrooms are blushing pinks, soft violets, creamy cocoas, beiges and tans, subtle yellows, and earthy reds. These factors could be taken into consideration for other rooms as well, which are also used more often.
  • Furniture and Accessories:The bed should be placed in the Command Position of the room, facing the door but not directly. Bright red bed sheets could be used but not too striking. Soft colored bed sheets are better suited, like lavender, pink, and beige. According to Chinese believe peach should not be used as it symbolizes infidelity.Night tables and lamps on either side of the bed should be identical with the bed. Family photographs should be done with and instead snaps of happy couple boost up the power spots of love.   
  • Feng shui items: After locating the love power spots one can use few feng shui items as well to enhance romance or love in one's life. 
    • Creative works representing love and lovers
    • A pair of mandarin ducks or swans or doves
    • A pink color feng shui crystal hung over the bed
    • A pair of pink or red color heart-shaped or round pillows
    • A pair of red or pink candles
    • A pink, red or white heart-shaped box or
    • Fresh pink or red flowers in a vase

Feng shui in general has more to offer but these tips help in improving one's love life. All these steps and the feng shui items placed in the power spots facilitate the positive energies intended for romance. The objects act as enhancers to bring happiness and a caring soul mate into one's life.

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