Yearly Horoscope 2016 - Aquarius

Free Aquarius Yearly Horoscope Prediction

Card of the Year: The Star

Year 2016 for an Aquarius is expected to be a good year for the likes of people who love sports. Athletes can expect great success in this upcoming year. Even people who want to build a good physique for themselves should right away hit the gym as the year 2016 is very favourable for them too. In the context of staying fit it is advised to avoid the lift and use the stairs instead. With daily activities such as walking long distances by foot one can keep one’s weight under control. Year of 2016 is the year of fitness for an Aquarius. The cards urge an Aquarius to behave in the way others would behave towards you as there will be people closely watching you, your habits. The year would see you become a role model for many.

Aquarius Born Career

The Aquarius zodiac sign illustrates that you intend to do work that satisfy your inner soul. As an Aquarius is able to think better than most, they benefit from seeing both sides of the same story. For that reason alone your mediation and communication skills are often much appreciated. Your career stars advise you to focus on observing and obtaining a better understanding of your environment. Take time to observe what happens in your surroundings and make decisions accordingly.

Aquarius Born Romance

The Aquarius sign is a sign of affection and love. Your ability to give your partner a sense of belonging and security is well appreciated by your partner. However it is advised to watch out for jealously in case you are not experiencing a positive energy around yourself. If you mistrust anyone then it is advised to suppress and control that feeling and simply observe your surroundings as that will provide you insight in order to deal with the situation.

Aquarius Born Finance

Financial life for the year 2016 looks consistent so long as you keep a check on your kindness. An Aquarius must understand that helping others is good but sacrificing your financial security for the same is in no way helping yourself lest helping others.
Making money is difficult, but wasting it, is very easy. Make sure not to let your money go to waste. Be very careful till August and don’t lend money to anybody for there are strong chances of acquiring profits from friends. 2016 is the year when money will come, but how long it will stick is uncertain. Hence, be careful with your financial decisions.

Aquarius Born Health

As people belonging to this sign are focused on enjoying their life, this in return has a positive impact on the overall health of a person. It is advised to be committed to your health goals for the year 2016. Be it sports, health, sleep or mental activities such as awareness or mix of them such as yoga all will be easily achieved during 2016.

Good Luck Totka

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