Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius Woman

You can never keep an Aquarius woman under your control, so don’t waste your time and effort in doing so. It is possible that she will turn out to be just against what you expected. Aquarius woman is filled with lot of force and power on the inside.

Aquarius and Love

Aquarius women will give themselves freely and completely to their love partner, provided they are convinced that they have found their true love.

Aquarius and Relationships

Aquarius women cannot give away space and freedom in her life and also in terms of her relationships.

Aquarius and Friendships

Aquarius women become friend with anyone and everyone she comes across and there are numerous people who know her.

Aquarius and Sex

For Aquarius women, sex is somewhat a verbal affair. They never inhibit and always like to experiment.

Aquarius and Career

Aquarius women come up with imaginative new ideas and are a person with many ideas.

Aquarius and Money

Aquarius women are in full control of their financial matters and do not like to take risks in terms of investments.

Aquarius and Family

Aquarius women turn out to be a caring mother. They give time to spend with their kids and understand them.

Aquarius and Health

Aquarius women need to take care of their ankles.

Aquarius and Fashion

Aquarius women are not fashion aficionados and they can be seen purchasing vintage pieces.


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