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About Manisha Koushik

Manisha Koushik is the talented daughter and an associate of the world renowned celebrity astrologer Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma. She is blessed with the gift of clairvoyance and strong intuitions right from the childhood. Her knowledge and interest in the field of occult sciences kept growing while looking at her father guiding the right path to many people on a daily basis. Following the footsteps of her father, she acquired a degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering and went on to pursue a Management degree in Integrated Marketing & Communications from The University of Sheffield, UK before jumping into the occult sciences full time in the year 2008.

Tarot Cards always fascinated me and as I started reading them, the clarity and substance this science carries in it drew me close to the accuracy in predictions. A by birth gift of clairvoyance, understanding of the tarot cards and blessings of Maa Kalka helps me connect with people and help them achieve answers of what they have been longing for.

Astrology has been in the blood. My great grandfather and grandfather had been the leading astrologers of their time and my father is already an internationally acclaimed astrologer; so getting an understanding of this subject wasn't much of a tough task. My love for Numerology grew when I would see people seeking his advice for specific dates or timings for special occasions. It was even more fascinating how my father would predict the complete date of births of people only while speaking to them."

Name Therapy is something I have been practicing for over ten years now. My own name was set by my father as per the fundamentals of astro-numero-nameology before my class 10th board exams and the results since then prove the magic this science carries in itself", says Manisha. Since I started seeing the results this change brought about in me; my curiosity to learn this subject grew even stronger. I would read and read the books lying in our library and jot down each and every point I encountered to be interesting; to my good luck I had a mentor at home who would then answer all my queries arising the right time", adds Manisha

She has also been assisting Dr. Sharma in various residential and commercial Vastu projects much before her full time venture in this science. Recently she has been guiding people online reading their blue maps and several discussions over the phone. "I bring a blend of Fengshui & Vastu in my consultations. During my practice, I have analyzed that at times solutions with Vastu become rigid for some properties; that is the time where I prefer incorporating some fengshui tips to enhance the prosperity & well being for the person seeking consultation" - Manisha.

She regularly writes a monthly forecast for the famous HOMEMAKER magazine.She has been appearing on National News Channels like News 24 and IBN7 and has numerous articles in Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala,, to her credit. Her very recent predictions include a successful married life for the Indian Cricket Team Captain, M S Dhoni. She also predicted that this marriage will bring in good fortune with respect to career and financial status for him.

 Media Presence

Print Media:

1. She writes a daily forecast column for 'Mail Today'; a newspaper by India Today Group.
2. She writes a regular weekly column on Vastu - Fengshui in 'The Telegraph' newspaper.
3. She writes Weekly Tarot Forecast in 'Punjab Kesri' newspaper.
4. She writes a regular Weekly Horoscope Column for the most popular Indo-Kiwi Newspaper, “Ïndian Weekender”.
5. Many of her articles have been published in Hindustan Times, Punjab Kesri, Indian Express, Amar Ujala & Prabhat Khabar.

1. She writes regular column on monthly forecast for 'Home Maker' Magazine.
2. She writes a regular column for the inflight magazine of Air Costa Airlines “Happy Flying”.
3. She writes a regular column for the inflight magazine of Bangladesh Airlines (Bangla Biman), “Bihanga”.
4. She writes the love horoscope section for the popular magazine with the young crowd, “Haute Brides & Honeymoons”.
5. She writes a regular column for the inflight magazine of Fly Africa.
6. She writes Bi-Monthly Tarot Health forecast for famous magazine 'Diabetic Living Magazine'.
7. She writes Bi-Monthly Astrology forecast for GoAir inflight magazine 'GladRags'.
8. She writes the travel horoscope for the online edition/app for Sterling Holidays.

In the Past
1. She had bene writing regular monthly forecast for 'The Expressions' magazine.
2. She had been writing monthly forecast for the famous wedding magazine 'Mehendi'.
3. She had been writing Monthly Astrology forecast for famous magazine 'Parents India Magazine'.
4. She had been writing a regular column for the “Fusion Magazine”, the famous one amongst the politicians.

Electronic Media:
1. She has been regularly appearing on channels like Star News, News 24, IBN7, E24 and Delhi Aaj Tak. 2. She was one of the elite guests on television for predicting the wedding day's series on the Indian Cricket Team's captain, Mahendra S Dhoni with Sakshi Rawat - covered by News 24 & IBN7.
3. She was approached by News 24 to cite her views when the Indian Cricket Team changed the color of their sport attire.
4. She was the first one to come up with an idea of 'Honeymoon Muhurat' for the newlyweds - covered by Delhi Aaj Tak.
5. Her valuable guidance was taken by E24 when some astrologer had made bollywood actress, Kangana Ranaut superstitious with the letter 'M'.
6. She has been doing a couple of series for live queries on TV from time to time.

Web Media:
1.She was the only Tarot Card Reader to predict the Semi-final and Final World Cup Match results along with who next is going out of the field live on 'Facebook'.
2. She is providing her services on various portals like,, and
3. She writes general forecast for portals like,, and
4. She regularly contributes celebrity forecast on

1. She has been a part of a lot of corporate events like 'motivational programs for employees', skill enhancement trainings, team outings, corporate lunches, annual meets & get togethers.
2. She has proved to be a wonderful career counselor for the employees during the events and has given several trainings on boosting the morale, confidence level & focus.
3. She is a blessed counselor for the people getting married and her gracious presence & guidance is valued even for the couple's guests of the elite families in India & Abroad.
4. She has conducted several online & public workshops for enlightening people about the benefits of cleansing and balancing their surroundings with the help of Vastu & Fengshui.


 Education & Accreditation

bullet  MBA in Integrated Marketing Communications from The University of Sheffield, UK.
bullet  Engineering in Electronics & Communication from Kurukshetra University.
bullet  Certified Tarot Card Reader from Flamel College, USA.
bullet  Certified Fengshui Consultant from American Fengshui Insitutute, California.
bullet  Specialized training by Becky Hays (famous spiritual healer) for balancing your chakra energies.
bullet  Certified esteemed member of International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT), Pennsylvania.
bullet  Certified member of World Association of Therapists, Counselors & Healthcare (WATCH), USA.


 Services By Manisha:

Corporate Services:
Name setting/correction for the companies, important meeting rooms, seminars, meets & conferences.
"Tips to improve the employee strength, efficiency, performance & focus of the employees" - with the means of a Tarot session, a seminar or a general discussion.
Muhurats for inauguration of some new buildings, launching of new products or services.

Personal Consultation:
Personalized consultation is available via face to face meeting, over the phone or email. For more info; please feel free to visit our website

Wedding related services:
To make your wedding an unforgettable and the most Auspicious Ceremony, Manisha has come up with a Wedding Package to plan it in a more organized and auspicious way. Services offered in this package includes:
bullet  Matching of Horoscopes
bullet  Ring Ceremony Date, Time & Shagun Time
bullet  Marriage Date & time + Muhurat
bullet  Barat arrival Timings
bullet  Bride & Groom Dress Color
bullet  Pandaal Colour Theme
bullet  Honeymoon Muhurat