About Cancer

This is the fourth sign of zodiac and first sign of the water triplicity, which is
influenced and governed by the planet Moon. It's movable, feminine and a fruitful sign. People born
in this sign usually have a large upper body, slender limbs, wide face and, dark brown hair. They are
fair complexioned and have attractive features. They are fairly dashing, commanding, dominating,
kind, affable, helpful, over sensitive, considerate and highly thoughtful. They are reliable, sincere,
dedicated, responsible and determined individuals. They are quick-witted. At times they get moody
and aggressive as well. They can also be, for no good reason, ill tempered, curt and snappy with
anyone at times.
People sometimes find it difficult to understand them, as sometimes they are willing to listen to
their problems patiently and sympathetically and even go out of their way to help them, but another
time, they can also be adamant, impatient and tough to the same person.
Often, they romanticize the past and go on nostalgia trips and talk about the `good old days.' They
can very easily live in the past. They should always remember that time keeps changing and they
must change accordingly.
They have more determination and stamina than any other sign. They will always take a project
started by them to its logical conclusion and not leave it half way. They will always cling on to
personal relationships and will enjoy command at their work place. They do not like interference in
their work and do not tolerate criticism. They will enjoy enormous respect in the society. They are
highly talented and will do remarkably well if they are given opportunities.
Afflicted Moon or the sign would develop negative traits.

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