About Aquarius

This is the eleventh and airy sign of the zodiac, which is governed by the planet Saturn. People born in this sign are generally tall and have an oval face. Usually, they are fair complexioned and have handsome appearance. They are kind hearted, original, simple, energetic and systematic. They are sincere to their friends and enjoy enormous respect in their social circle. They are a great admirer of nature's beauty and love soft and melodious music.


Their friends and contacts will range from many influential and eminent people, yet they will feel melancholy and lonely at times. Their personal independence and freedom are of enormous importance to them. To attain these, they are capable of making great sacrifices and can even go to the point of rejecting intimate relationships. For these reasons and also for their unpredictable nature, many people will usually find themselves at odds with Aquarius. Any resentment from others is of little importance to them and they would simply shrug their shoulder.


They will always have original and creative ideas to impress those around. They are always in favour of reforms and change and the advancement of the human condition. They like to participate in helping others through charities and social work. They have a very logical type of mind and like to get into the nitty-gritty of everything. They cannot be easily persuaded that they are wrong.


They may lose control sometimes and speak out their mind, but they will suffer from fits of conscience and would severely regret their actions later. If the ruler of the sign or the sign itself are well placed or not afflicted in any way, then they will attain remarkable status in their profession and attain a good financial position. They will enjoy all the comforts of life. But if the sign or the ruler, either or both, were afflicted, the results would be quite opposite.

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