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Though the year 2014 will bring overall good experiences for you, you cannot ignore the ups and downs of the life that will come your way throughout the year. However, ultimately you will end the year with a positive note. Your forecast suggests you not be so proactive in your actions that might bring you unnecessary tensions to struggle with. You need to be careful about your unnecessary expenditures on luxuries this year. Though you will earn enough money, you might find it difficult to plan a good saving. Your high expectations from your dear ones might create unwanted problems at your end to deal with. To lead a peaceful life in a harmony with your family members, you need to understand them and try to help them in every possible way. You will find your pending property matters getting solved towards the end of the year.
Romance: You may give enough care and time to your relationship, but it would not be wise to expect the same or more than that religiously from the other end. Do not try and get involved in any kind of ugly discussions that might later turn into a fight and hamper your emotional bonding with your beloved. You will find you beloved caring and supportive enough to see you happy throughout the life. It would be good if you can try to share the same kind of feeling with your beloved.
Career: You will show enough confidence in your professional life and that would lead you to towards a better career prospect. You may find yourself in the good books of the higher management as you will be getting promotions and salary increments this year. This does not mean that you can have a casual approach towards your work. You need to wait for the opportunity to excel in your field. Rushing towards any kind of opportunity might hamper your image in the professional atmosphere and make you repent later. You should take one step after another rather than trying to leap. Each and every step taken by you will help you learn something or the other. Health: You will be enjoying a sound health this year. However, you should not ignore your daily physical workouts. Keep on doing the good work as far as you food habit is concerned.
Finance: You will work towards a better position financially this year. You should spend wisely; else you may find yourself in a difficult position towards the end of the year.
Lucky Months: February, July, September and October
Lucky No: .3
Lucky Color: Green
Tip of the Year: if you want to grow financially this year, you should place a bowl or jar near your front door and drop a coin into it every time you step outside and step in to your house. This theory is an adaptation from the Feng Shui as it is believed that it helps positive energy to enter your house through the front door and influences everything comes in its path.

This year will bring you lots of positive aspects of life and help you reap the benefits of your past efforts. Even you come across any problem; you will cross the huddles with ease. No problem will be huge enough to hold you back from marching towards a new height. You may change your attitude towards others by being more secretive than before as you would start understanding that many things need to be limited only to you rather than getting leaked to the outside world. You might find your relationships at stake due to lack of trust and confidence. This might put you in mental instability at times.
Romance: You can strengthen your relationship with your beloved by caring and sharing. If you are going through any sort of disturbance in your life, you should share it with your beloved to get required moral support to fight with the issue and come out victorious. It is popularly said that sadness gets divided and happiness gets multiplied by sharing. You stars suggest that you would make yourself happy if you start sharing things with your loved ones.
Career: If you are a fresh graduate, you may find opportunities knocking at your door. If you are an experienced professional, you may find new opportunities coming across your ways. You can also take the initiative to start your own business if you are not interested in going for a regular shift job.
Health: Though you will be enjoying throughout this year, you need to take a good care of your health as your health might be a reason of concern for you in the later months of the year. Do try to follow your preventive medication to avoid any health related issues. Keep consulting your doctor if you ever feel sick or unwell.
Finance: You will be able to reap the benefits of your past investments this year. You can invest in new business ventures to earn success and more money in future. You may end up spending enough money on your luxuries and comfort. You need to avoid unnecessary expenses on luxury if you want to save for future.
Lucky Months: February, April, September and October.
Lucky No: 7
Lucky Color: Peach
Tip of the Year: If any of the water taps at your home drips, you need to mend it immediately to avoid loss of financial assets as a dripping tap always symbolizes the leakage of money in unreasonable ways.

Though you will be a slow starter at the beginning of the year, you will gain momentum as the month progresses. You will be able to make yourself visible through your foresightedness and judgment capabilities. People will value you as an intellect in your own forte and seek advice from you when required. Your ability to take an initiative and complete the task is your greatest strength that would help you earn respect among people surrounding you. Being a businessperson, you might find some interesting project that would help you grow financially. However, you will have to undergo few issues to have a proper execution on your plans. You may not find your financial stability to be a problem for you. It would be rather tough for you to manage your finance in a perfect way to avoid any severe consequences later in the year. Few of your family members may plan to visit abroad on a vacation. This year can be the time that would make you feel good to extend a helping hand to the poor and needy and you may start with some small charity. You may get attracted to religion in search of mental pace.
Romance: You may not find enough time for your beloved this year as you will remain busy in completing your work most of the time in a day. This will put you in immense stress as well. You need to learn how to maintain a good balance between your personal life and professional life. If you fail doing so efficiently, you may end up with a number of catfights with your spouse. You can plan surprise holidays to make your love life a bit spicy. Coming up with innovative ideas to make your beloved smile may do the trick for you. If you are unmarried, you can expect an excellent marriage proposal waiting for you.
Career: This year is high time for you to pull up your socks and prove yourself to be an asset to the company you are working for. You need not lag behind others in the race of appraisals and promotions. Only dreaming to find success would not work for you. You need to work on the dream and realize it to enjoy a better life.
Health: Physical workouts will be quite important for you this year. You need to take the preventive medication from stay away from any kind of illness. Do not ignore your health even if you are loaded with urgent works throughout the year. Try and visit you doctor in a regular interval to get your medical checkup done.
Finance: you are quite capable of making money and you will be making a good amount of money this year. However, managing your money will be a headache for you as you will be confused about where and how to invest you money.
Lucky Months: October and November.
Lucky No: 2
Lucky Color: Yellow
Tip of the Year: If you want to make your love life interesting, you can use varieties of popular scents or fragrances in your bedroom.
When it comes to having a good relationship with the people you know, your compassionate nature says it all as you are quite capable of attracting others towards you. Your charisma makes people fall in love with you. The purity of your nature allows people to open up in front of you as they feel comfortable to share things with you. Be it professional sphere or personal, you can maintain the same atmosphere everywhere and make people feel cozy. Your dream of achieving a top position in your professional life may come true next year if you put enough effort this year to attain the same. You will be appreciated for you decision making capabilities and self-confidence. You are able to guide your peers and juniors in a better way to show them the path to success. Your involvement with sports and extra-curricular activity will not only give you mental pleasure but also help you retain a good health throughout the year.
Romance: You are going to have the best time of your life if you are planning to get married this year. If you are already married, this year may be the best period to plan your family. If you are enjoying a single status till now, this year will bring you a lot of excitement as far as your love life is concerned. If you are single, you may find a partner with beauty and brain.
Career: You need to move a step forward and concentrate on the quality of your output at work. Even if you have to work extra time, there is no harm in doing so as it would shape up your career and give it a new dimension. You will find enough opportunities this year to excel in your field and achieve a leadership role at your workspace.
Health: Your health will remain absolutely fine this year provided you do not miss your physical workout sessions and tamper with your dieting habits. Consult a doctor whenever you feel unwell without any negligence.
Finance: You will be able to make enough money this year to enjoy every pleasure life has to offer. You should be careful about investing money. If you are planning to invest some money, better be informed about the same.
Lucky Months: January, June, October and December.
Lucky No: 4
Lucky Color: Cream
Tip of the Year: You can try using rectangular, wooden frames for pictures if you are married or you are trying to attract new love into your life. This is a Feng Shui trick to enjoy a better love life.
Being a Leo, your intelligence is at a higher side as compared to others. You can implement your intelligence for the betterment of the society and of course for yourself. If you belong to the engineering fraternity, you can easily achieve what you deserve provided you take the opportunities seriously and try converting them at your will. The way you work and execute your plans will definitely have a positive impact on the people trying to follow your footprints. You may get upset with the people who take dishonest way to achieve what they want in life. You will be the proud owner of originality and innovations as far as your thought process are concerned. You need to project your thoughts in an effective and accurate way so that no one misinterprets you and create any problems for you. You can expect dynamic changes occurring in your life throughout this year.
Romance: You should be careful enough not to mix up your professional life with your personal life as it may create a disturbed environment for your relationships. Do not try to plan and manipulate relationships. Try to open up yourself in your relationships as it would help you share things with your spouse. You may find your family opposing on your decisions as far as your love life is concerned. You need to stay calm and take the steps that would not harm anyone's feeling.
Career: you need to move on leaving your past disappointments in your professional life. You will get enough opportunities to be converted. Try concentrating on those opportunities and succeed in your attempts. You need to avoid casual approach in your life if you are really keen in proving your worth to others.
Health: you will be enjoying a good health but that does not mean you will start neglecting your health and put extra stress on yourself. Whatever may be the situation, do not leave your regular exercise and never compromise with your sanitary and food habits.
Finance: you will be in a better financial situation as compared to last year. All you need to do is to learn spending money wisely and refraining yourself from buying unnecessary things.
Lucky Months: April, June, August and November.
Lucky no: 9
Lucky Color: Maroon
Tip of the Year: If you want a better relationship with your partner by communicating well, draw two black wavy lines on a piece of paper and place it on your nightstand as these lines. According to Feng Shui, black color symbolizes communication.
Your knowledge and interest on current business trends makes you a better professional. You are quite capable of understanding the need of market. You will always excel as a business professional if you implement all your brain and work with complete dedication. Your ability to manipulate things and walk along with the situation gives you a better edge over others. Your proficiency in handle different kind of people will also prove beneficial for your personal growth. Though you are always ready to offer help to your near and dear ones, you expect them to be grateful to you and return the favor when time demands. If you are keen in pursuing a career in medicine or commerce, you have a better chance to excel in this current competition. You will attain financial stability during the later months of the year. You will enjoy your marital life with lot of peace and harmony prevailing in your surroundings. Taking personal decisions will be easier as you will be communicating well with your partner and both of you will seek each other's consent before planning for anything.
Romance: If you want to start your romantic life afresh, try and forget the tough time you have gone through last year. The simplest way to enjoy life is moving on. So better to move on and find other reasons to smile. If you find your partner a bit demanding, you should not react weird; rather you need to make your partner understand about your inability to meet the expectations. If you are able to manage things well, you will get enough support from your spouse in every decision you make.
Career: The journey of your professional life will not be that easy this year. However, you need to fight with every adverse situation to get your due and manage things according to your requirements. You can try keeping a low profile to avoid any professional issues. You can focus on your work and guide others to deliver qualitative work.
Health: Your health might bring you minor worries this year. You need to be extra cautious about your health. Be in regular contact with your doctor to avoid any unpleasant issues.
Finance: You will flourish financially this year. However, you need to secure your future first and then think about spending on a lavish lifestyle.
Lucky Months: January, July and November
Lucky No: 5
Lucky Color: Purple
Tip of the Year: You can try hanging two bells together with a red ribbon on your bedroom doorknob as it is believed to enhance your love life as each time you open your bedroom door, its lovely music will bring excitement into your life.
You will gain instant popularity in your personal as well as professional life, thanks to your competency. As you are capable of proposing innovative ideas, nothing can hold you back from achieving the success you deserve. You are the person who does not like any interference in your work. You want to set your own targets and achieve them without taking anyone's help. This year will be a very positive time for you to start new ventures. If you are still a student, you will definitely going to achieve what you deserve. However, neglecting your studies may shatter your dreams up to a huge extent. If you are a home maker, this year will bring you lot of happiness and you will be allowed to manage your home according to your plans. You will be on peak of success as you can achieve whatever you wish to achieve. Your family will enjoy a peaceful time around the year. You will be stable financially. If you are still single, you will be able to find a correct match for yourself during the last few months of the year. Do not reveal your financial or personal plans in front of anyone as it may land you up in immense trouble.
Romance: As far as romantic relationship is concerned, this year is going to be a brilliant catch for you and your partner. If you are in relationship and waiting to get married, this is the time you take the next step and give your relationship a legal definition. If you are already married, then you may plan to expend your family. You will surely get enough support from your family as far as your romantic relationship is concerned.
Career: It would bring you lot of recognition and joy if you will be able to convert your plans to productivity. You will be flourishing with innovative ides this year and all you need to do is sharing those with the higher management to get those implemented in your work culture. If you succeed in doing so you will be benefited and may get a promotion before time. If you are a Libran with number 7 or 9, you may get a chance to move abroad and settle there.
Health: You will remain absolutely fine as far as your health is concerned. Every day physical workout will bring positive effects for you.
Finance: your past investments will bring you good results this year. Though you will be in a stable financial condition, do not try to overspend on anything.
Lucky Months: July and August.
Lucky no: 1
Lucky Color: Pink
Tip of the year: You can use silver if you want to strengthen a woman's commitment towards you and the same way brass can be used to strengthen a man's commitment. As per Feng Shui, using metal candlesticks can promote fidelity, devotion and stability in a relationship.
If you are a Scorpio number 4, you will be trustworthy, practical and down-to-earth. Your ruling star Uranus blesses you with enough innovation, nonconformity, higher intuition and inspiration. All these characters in you make you very intelligent and a rebel. You will be fearless enough to question any wrong happenings around you. Your nature will be tried to be kept under wrap by your family members. They will teach you how to manage yourself in the society and stay safe. If you really strive for success, you need to work hard for it this year. You may get enough favor from your ruling star, but there is no substitute to hard work. You need to brave many difficult situations to reach the peak of success. You need to manage your professional life well to remain financially stable. It is advisable that you should take other's opinion to account. Going with your own decision would not bring out the best results always. You will get the complete support from your family. You will be enjoying an exciting love life this year. You need to capitalize on these good moments if you want to strengthen your relationship.
Romance: If you are taking any decision to enter into a new relationship, watch out for its consequences first. You need to consider your family values and parents wish before doing so. Do not try and jump to any relationship just for the sake of having an affair. It might cost you dear later. If you are married, you will find your spouse supportive enough.
Career: The right time has arrived to accelerate your attempts to move towards a successful life. You need to use your intelligence to overcome any adverse situation that blocks your way. Refrain yourself from misusing your power to gain success as it would never last long. You should maintain a low profile to avoid any unpleasant situation. Think well before you speak as it may create problems for you.
Health: Though you may undergo minor ailments, you can practice a good dietary control to overcome it. Your family members may fall sick and put you in stress.
Finance: the first quarter will bring you enough joy as far as your financial state is considered. However, the third quarter will be a bit challenging for you to manage.
Lucky Months: January, March and September
Lucky no: 3
Lucky Color: Golden
Tip of the Year: As per Feng Shui, you need to place two pink or red small pillows on your bed if you want to strengthen your romantic bonding as number 2(two) and the color red or pink are combined to symbolize love.
This year will bring lot of versatility, adventure, and prosperity to your life. You need to be intellectual enough to succeed in your life. Improve your communication skills if you want to be successful in your professional life. You have the skills to implement your knowledge and problem solving skills. You need to recognize your strength and channelize your passion to find maximum gain from your talent. Do not surrender until you find the solution to the problems you face. Escaping from the challenges would not make you a better person ever. Try to fight with the problems and move ahead. You ruling star suggest something exceptional is there for you this year. You may excel in your profession. It may result in a good appraisal or promotion. If you are unmarried, you may decide to take your relationship to the next level and get married this year. You may be blessed with a baby. Though everything looks fine for you this year, life would not be a bed of roses. You need to struggle hard to achieve what you deserve.
Romance: You may find your dream partner this year. However, you need to value the people you want in your life, else you may end up losing them sometime in near future. If you have started developing a feeling that your marital life has lost its charm and has no longer been happening, this year brings you the perfect time to spice up your life with some extra love.
Career: You need to broaden your network and social contacts to find new job opportunities. Try for a job that can do justice with your caliber and intelligence and meet your expectations in terms of compensation as well. Try to open up to express what you feel need to be expressed. This will pave you way to a new peak of success.
Health: You may suffer from physical as well as mental health issues. To avoid any kind of health issues, you need to remain prepared and take the required preventive measures.
Finance: Do not invest in any ambiguous scheme as it may result in loss of money. You need to have a check on your unnecessary expenses to avoid disturbance in your financial status. Taking risk in investment is not advised for you this year.
Lucky Months: March and April.
Lucky No: 6
Lucky Color: Red
Tip of the Year: According to Feng Shui, the dove is a symbol of peace and harmony, and they symbolize love if they are in pair. You can have a pair of ceramic, glass or metal doves in your bedroom to get better results.

The year 2014 will bless you with the characteristics of love, emotions and responsibilities. Whatever you want to do this year, do with complete dedication. Your devotion towards you work will bring you a lot of confidence as well as recognition. You will develop unique traits you fair good both in professional and personal fronts. This year will bring you lot of happiness if you really try to achieve it. You will be able to suggest innovative ideas at your workplace and some of your ideas may get implemented. This will help you in your career growth and allow you gain a stable financial state. Your personal life would be quite interesting as you will concentrate on music and art throughout the year. You may plan to visit places with your family.
Romance: Your romance will get a fresh lease of life this year as you will be able to spice your life with surprises. If you are single, there is enough chance you may get committed. You need to put your efforts to maintain the healthy relation with your spouse or beloved.
Career: This year will provide you with enough chances to excel in you professional life. However, you need to work hard if you really want to achieve something. If you are into business, you may get see enough growth and expand your business by hiring new employees. The outlook and horizon of your business initiative will become popular and move towards a new height.
Health: Your negligence would make you fall sick more often this year. You need to practice your regular physical workout sessions to remain healthy. Try and avoid smoking and alcohol for a better year ahead.
Finance: You will be able to earn enough money this year. However, spending those wisely may bring changes to your life. Investments can be done but after getting trustworthy information.
Lucky Months: April and May
Lucky No: 5
Lucky Color: Blue
Tip of the Year: Try and maintain a positive attitude always to help your relationship grow strong and keep going. To retain this positive attitude, place a red or pink star in a spot, which is often visible to you. In Feng Shui, star is a symbol of hope, and red and pink are the colors connected to love.
Your ambition will keep you driving to work with all your efforts and dedication. Though you are religious, you do not want to display it in public and like to remain low profile. However, that would not stop you from getting inclined to a religion or going for a pilgrimage. Your success will depend on your level of intelligence and hard work. As your attitude and actions will be proved the key factor in earning you respect, do not hurry into something and tarnish your image before your colleagues. You will be leading a happy and peaceful life this year with lots of love and care from your spouse and family members. You will get enough support from your spouse whenever you find a critical issue coming your way. Do not get frustrated over small issues as you have the capability to solve them easily. Your friendly approach towards others would help you make enough friends who can help you when you will be in need.
Romance: You cannot lead a life as per your terms and conditions. Life has its own highs and lows that you need to experience if you want to live a perfect life. For a love relationship, it is quite tough to manage things as the relationship is very sensitive. Try to avoid being dominating if you want your relationship to be strong. Try and keep your ego at bay if you want a good relationship with your loved ones.
Career: This year will prove one of the best years when seen from a career point of view. You will be appreciated for your efforts and your colleagues will find you to be their guru. Your ability of decision making and problem solving will not go unnoticed by the senior management and they may give you a good promotion this year.
Health: Your health would not be great this year. However, you will be able to avoid minor health issues by consulting your doctor. Keep on doing your exercises and have a check on your diet.
Finance: You will be financially flourished throughout the year. You will get the returns from your past investments and that would put in a better financial stability.
Lucky Months: January, April and July.
Lucky No: 4
Lucky Color: Purple
Tip of the Year: As per Feng Shui, it is believed that the sound of the bells creates positive energy. As 9 (nine) is the number of fulfillment and red is a lucky color in Feng Shui, tie nine small bells on a red cord and hang them on the inside of your front door, to attract happiness and luck to your home.
Though you will get enough chances to have an investment, do not hurry for it. Before investing, investigate well. You will be enjoying an improved financial life this year. You need to stop overspending on luxury as you will face many problems if your budget gets disturbed. Your professional commitments would not allow you spending more time with your beloved and it may create problems in your relationship. If you are not satisfied with your job, this year is the right time to look for a new job.
Romance: You need to act intelligent as far as your relationship with your beloved is concerned. Try and have a strong relationship with your beloved. You should control your temper else it would result in cat fights. Do not overdo anything as it will be later tough to handle.
Career: Do not be desperate for bigger opportunities as they may not work out for you. Do not get disheartened by your failure as it’s a part of everyone’s life. Try with more dedication; you will get what you have expected. Do not listen what people say, do your own.
Health: You will rain healthy throughout the year. If you neglect your regular exercise sessions, it may have a negative impact on your health. Start having healthy food to avoid health issues later.
Finance: You will earn enough this year to have a better financial status towards the end of the year. Have a check on your unnecessary expenses and try saving some money for future.
Lucky Months: June, August & November.
Lucky No: 9
Lucky Color: Orange
Tip of the Year: To bring prosperity at home, fill a small red envelope with rice and place it on any one of the shelf in your kitchen. According to Feng Shui, rice is the symbol of prosperity and red is a lucky color and its combination brings financial good luck.
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