Aries Saturday 29 October 2016   
A slight improvement on the financial front is envisaged. You will find a changed routine beneficial for health. Some of you may be a bundle of nerves and get jittery at the slightest pretext. Bad news on the professional front may lead some to depression. Those facing interview may lack self-confidence and may not make the grade. Worries and tensions may pervade the home front. Differences on the romantic front threaten to get serious. Those driving daily to work should not get complacent on the road.
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Getting To Know Manisha

We thought of catching hold of the busiest person in our team @ - None other than Manisha Koushik herself. So join us in knowing this great personality and her ideas and vision for life. One thing that we have learnt from working with her is "Live life King Size; problems and worries will keep on following you at some or the other point of time yet surrender yourself to the Almighty and He will make sure you stay HAPPY always".

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Narak Chaturdashi, Kali Puja-Sat 29 Oct 2016
Diwali, Lakshmi Puja, Kartik Amavasya-Sun 30 Oct 2016
Gowardhan Puja, Vishvkarma Day-Mon 31 Oct 2016
Vishwakarma Pujan-Tue 01 Nov 2016
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Reema Sen
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Tips to Enhance Your Fame & Recognition Sector.
Fame is a bit complex thing to understand. Some people get it easily without extra efforts while some don’t get it even after doing hard work.
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